Wiggo’s Warm Up – Preparing for a Time Trial

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This is how Bradley Wiggins gets his body ready to race a time trial, the discipline he has dominated in recent years. “I do the same warm-up every time I ride, and have done for 10 years. You need to gradually pull in your slow endurance and then your fast twitch explosive muscles to halve… Read more »

Be selfish

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Don’t be pushed by people to alter your training to suit their desires. If you have said you are going for a fast ride, and they just want a social, don’t hang around. You can always meet them at the half way cafe (just you will have worked harder for your treat). Similarly, if you… Read more »

Don’t help people on forums

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A lot of people post in online forums (i.e. club website, facebook groups, twitter) asking for help with training, or advice on sessions. Don’t get involved! Invariably, the person will either completely ignore your advice, or someone will try to disagree with you and be looking for an argument. Don’t engage, let your mind focus… Read more »

Spin out the pain

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After hard efforts on the bike, such a long climb, make sure you don’t just coast downhill. Keeping the legs moving will help to clear the lactic acid that has built up in them during the hard effort. Consistent pedalling with very little¬†resistance¬†will help prepare them for the next hard effort.

Working with the wind

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Start your ride into a headwind, so when you are tired at the end of your ride, you get a little help coming home.