Fire the Metabolism

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Start your day with an ice cold glass of water. A study from the University of Utah showed that those who drank 8 to 12 eight-ounce glasses of water per day had higher metabolic rates than those only drinking four glasses. The body also burns extra calories from heating up the cold water inline with… Read more »

Newbie: Become King of the Mountains

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Tackling a steep climb is a great way to train and many new riders say they want to get better at climbing (well, as do most experienced riders). They key is to pace you effort across the climb and not to put in a really hard effort at the start then burn out. Switch down… Read more »

Hill Strength Building Training Session

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This session throws in a mix of zones and areas to help build leg strength in the off season. Go riding for 2 – 3 hours, with the following efforts: Seated, over-geared (60-70 rpm) – 10 x 1 minute Out of the saddle hill efforts – 3 x 2 minutes Continuous climb – 1 x… Read more »